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Author Topic: Verminator vs. Elston  (Read 23051 times)
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:18:59 pm »

I currently own an Elston and it rips a trench in the field. I've tried every adjustment known to man to fix this. It works great on sod but not alfalfa roots. Does the Verminator leave a better tunnel in the alfalfa field and less damage than the Elston? Ihave put new point on it and a new coulter blade on it and adjusted it every way that I know and I still can't get it right.
Chuck Ceccarelli
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 Thanks for the post. We get calls all the time form people asking the same question.
There could be several things causing you problems. I would suggest you follow our "keys to succes" found in our operations manual. You can find the manual under our Tech Link  on the main website.
If the keys to succes dont help, you may want to consider replacing your old machine with a Verminator. The reason is that the shear on the Verminator has a parabolic shape. This is very important when using the machine in Alfalfa as the parabolic shape allows the Alfalfa roots to lift and part away from the shear, instead of wraping around the shear. Most shears or rippers used on other burrow building machines are simply a piece of plate steel cut into a shape of a ripper. The problem is the squared of edges do nothing to help part & seprate the roots and they end up dragging roots along the leading edge of the shear causing a big mess behind the machine.
A good way to visualize this is to think of submarine going through the water. Notice how the water lifts up then flows around the hull, the same thig happens on the Verminator shear with the dirt and roots. They just lift, part, and lay right back where they were.

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