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June 19, 2012 Press Release - The Junior Burrow Builder  

Inventive Products releases The Junior burrow building machine
Mountain Home, Idaho – June 19, 2012 – Inventive Products, manufacturer of The Verminator, a burrow building machine that controls gopher populations has officially released a new machine The Junior. The Junior is our price sensitive model for farmers in the 40 acres or less range. This machine is smaller but it is still packed with features
like a breakaway shear and easily replaceable point. The machine is fully adjustable allowing the user to easily set
the tunnel depth in minutes.
Inventive Products has been hard at work for the last 2 years developing what they feel is the best burrow builder
made in its class. It features:
• Hopper that holds 5 gallons of bait
• 32” long steel Tunnel Tube
• Replaceable abrasion resistant steel point, can be replaced in seconds
• Sight Glass that doubles as a clean out
• Adjustable, steerable Coulter Assembly
• Breakaway Shear Pin
• Fits Category I & II standard 3 point hitches as well as quick hitches
Inventive Products is continually releasing new, innovative attachments. Watch for more attachments to be
released in 2012 by visiting www.InventiveAgProducts.com or asking your local Inventive Products dealer what’s
new for The Junior.
Inventive Products is the manufacturer of The Verminator and Junior and all their attachments which are proudly
made in the USA. To learn more about The Verminator, The Junior, pocket gophers, bait or to find a dealer near
you visit www.InventiveAgProducts.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
The Junior can be purchased directly through Inventive Products or an Inventive Products authorized dealer.

CONTACT Our Sales Department:

3195 Industrial Way Mountain Home, Idaho  • Toll Free 1-888-310-6037 • Local 208-580-1904 • Fax: 208-580-1900 
Email: sales@inventiveproductsinc.com

January 1, 2012 Press Release - The Verminator Burrow Builder  

The Verminator Burrow Builder now has optional attachments to make eradicating gophers even easier

Mountain Home, Idaho – January 12, 2011– Inventive Products, manufacturer of the Verminator, the
leading burrow building machine used to eradicate gophers, is officially announcing the release of
three new optional attachments for the Verminator. The Verminator Weight Box, Draw Bar Attachment
with Tire Scraper and the Verminator Drag Chain. These new attachments were previewed at the

Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2011.
After positive response Inventive Products officially released the new products as of January 1
st, 2012.


“We’ve listened to farmers that use the Verminator, and these new attachments will make it even easier
for farmers to exterminate and manage gopher populations leading to high crop yield, as well as
healthier crops,” says Chuck Ceccarelli, President of Inventive Products.

Gopher Killer

The Verminator Weight Box sits on the frame of the Verminator
and will easily bolt to existing machines. Simply fill the Weight Box
with tractor weights or other heavy objects to give The Verminator
extra weight to ensure it stays at the desired tunnel depth. This
attachment is especially useful in regions with hard soil and/or
adverse conditions. (Attachment show to the left in red.)

Burrow Builder

The Draw Bar Attachment with Tire Scraper allows you to drag a
harrow behind The Verminator to smooth the track left behind.
The Tire Scraper removes any mud and/or debris left on The
Verminator’s tire during burrow building to keep the tire on
The Verminator free of buildup. This attachment easily bolts
on to existing machines. (Attachment show to the left in red.)

Gopher Poison Machine

The Verminator Drag Chain is a custom designed drag chain
that works exclusively with The Verminator to smooth the track
left behind the machine. The Verminator Drag Chain easily
attaches to the new Draw Bar Attachment with Tire Scraper
to leave a smooth surface after burrow building.
(Attachment show to the left in red.)

The Verminator is one of the leading burrow builders on the market. It builds a tunnel system that intersects
with a gopher’s tunnel and lays poison bait every 2-3 ft. The gopher enters the tunnel out of curiosity and
the quest for food, consumes the bait and dies. Using a burrow builder is a farmer’s most effective way to
manage gopher populations on their land to ensure quality crop and high yields. Inventive Products proudly manufactures the Verminator and all its products in Mountain Home, Idaho.

Contact Information:
Contact Our Sales Department -

1-888-310-6037 toll free
208-580-1904 local
3195 Industrial Way
Mountain Home, ID 83647